Irish Life Experience



Céad Mile Fáilte — (A Hundred-Thousand Welcomes) from the  Irish Life Experience  program!

The Irish Life Experience program for high school students, 25 days in length, is normally held from end of June to late July, in Ireland. Emphasizing culture, education, travel and fun, the program strives to ensure each student’s experience is unique and unforgettable. Consisting of an assortment of classes, workshops and tours throughout Ireland, the purpose is to introduce students to the essential characteristics and qualities of Irish life. By being immersed in Ireland’s history and culture, young adults are then able to better understand and appreciate a country whose people have played a significant role in modern world history.

This unique program, now in its fourth decade, was founded on the belief that fostering an appreciation of other cultures is an important part of an individual’s development. Students are introduced to Ireland’s welcoming and friendly people, magical and beautiful landscape and rich heritage and tradition, all of which are celebrated through structured classes (students spent approximately 50 hours in class, covering Gaelic, Irish history, Irish American history, Irish studies, literature, drama and dance) and tours.

Each year for the past several years, the Daughters of Erin or the Shamrock Club has sent a student on this experience. The Shamrock Club and DOE continues in alternate years sending a student on this wonderful trip as long as the funding is available! Thanks goes to the Greater Columbus Irish Cultural Foundation, the DOE, and the Shamrock Club for underwriting the cost of this program, now worth over $5100. Round-trip airfare from Boston to/from Ireland and all expenses in Ireland are covered by this scholarship–the only exception being getting to/from Boston and any personal “mad money” spent for souvenirs in Ireland.

 Applications can be secured through the Irish Life Experience website at or click below to download an application:

Irish Life Application

If you are applying for the Shamrock Club/DOE/GCICF scholarship, your first order of business is to check with the SC to determine if it is once again this year offering the $5100 scholarship (always dependent upon the availability of funds). If so, please complete and submit these four sections only of the application materials:

  1. Application Form
  2. Transcript
  3. Counselor Recommendation Form
  4. Teacher Recommendation Form

Do not complete the financial section of the application-we do NOT require the $500 deposit or the $100 non-returnable fee. There will also be an interview scheduled with you by the scholarship committee as part of the application process.

All of the above, when completed, should be mailed or brought by APRIL 1st to: The Shamrock Club of Columbus @ 60 W. Castle Road, Columbus, Ohio 43207 and labeled C/O the IRISH LIFE EXPERIENCE .

Failure to meet the APRIL 1st application deadline may render your application to be ineligible for consideration. 

If you are not applying for the Shamrock Club/DOE/GCICF scholarship, but your family is paying your way to the Irish Life Experience program, access the application materials from the Irish Life Experience website directly and send all completed materials with the required deposit and fees to the ILE address and not to the Shamrock Club.