Shamrock Club Charter Members

On April 21, 1936, these men founded the Shamrock Club of Columbus at a meeting held at the Knights of Columbus Hall on the corner of 6th & State Streets. At that meeting, the first officers were elected, a constitution was adopted and all were declared Charter Members.

James A. Devine, President

Anthony J. Scanlon, Vice-President

Walter O’Grady, Treasurer

Francis P. Howard, Secretary


John J. O’Keefe                            Carl Kelly

James A. Devine                           Ed. Sullivan

Vincent Donohue                         George Bower

Charles A. Eberly                         Tom Duffy

A. McGrath                                       Robert P. Kirwin

Francis P. Howard                       Michael J. Ryan Jr.

Edward J. Kirwin                          Walter O’Grady

Anthony J. Scanlon                     Ed. A. Moriarty

Thomas B. Devine                        Gene McCurry

John Devine                                  Joseph E. Ryan

P. Devine                                          James Neilan

Wm. P. Bresnahan                       C. J. McDonald

Hugh McGrath                              James Welsh

James E. Grace                            Robert E. Archibald

Joseph Sheeran                           John McGlynn

James F. Bourner                         Frank McCourt

Arthur Cannon                             Bud Murphy

Eugene L. Dodd