Memorial Patio

As you may or may not have seen, the entrance to the Shamrock Club has engraved bricks that memorialize family names, Shamrock Club Past Presidents, companies or just an expression from Irish Culture.  We are continuing to market this opportunity to members to support the Shamrock Club by purchasing an engraved 8″x 8″ brick.

Each brick costs $100 and you can put any tasteful message on that brick.  Purchases of three or more bricks receive a discount of $25 on each brick.  It’s a great, long-lasting gift for your favorite Shamrock Club member, family occasion or advertisement for your business.  All proceeds benefit the Home Committee and support improvements being made to your club.

To order a brick call the Shamrock Club office (614) 491-4449, fill out an order form at the Pub or email a completed form to  Click below to print an order form if you want to mail it in.

Memorial Patio Order Form