St. Patrick’s Day Procession To Mass and Parade

The Procession to Mass will form at 9:00 AM at the corner of Naghten Street and Neilston Street. It is suggested that all drivers of passenger vehicles that are not participating in the Procession, drop people off at the corner of Naghten Avenue and Neilston Street and then proceed to the Convention Center Parking Garage on Naghten Street and then walk back to the Staging Area or take The Shuttle Bus back to the Staging Area. There will be The BEAT Shuttle Bus that will start making runs at 8:30AM until 9:30 AM. The Cost for this service is $1.00 per person plus the purchase or display of The 2017 Parade Badge.

The Procession will step off at 9:30 AM and go east on Naghten Street to St. Patrick’s Church at the Northeast corner of Naghten Street and Grant Avenue. Mass will be celebrated at 10:00AM.

Upon the conclusion of the Mass, the Parade part for the Mass participants in the  Green Division will be forming on Grant Avenue from Naghten Street to Spring Street and for participants in the White and Orange Divisions will be forming on Naghten Street between Grant Avenue and 5th Street.

Please follow the instructions of the Parade Marshals in lining up in the following order: 1st- The Shamrock Club’s Officers, Past Presidents and Honorees, 2nd-The Glee Club, 3rd-Top Hatters, 4th-Non-Top Hatters, 5th- DOE, 6th-AOH, 7th-LAOH, and 8th-The Emerald Society.

The Parade will be forming between 10:30 AM until 11:30 AM and will Step off at 11:30 AM and proceed South on Grant Avenue to Broad Street, West on Broad Street to High Street, North on High Street to The Convention Center, where the Parade will disband at the direction of the Parade Marshals and the Shamrock Club’s Irish Family Reunion will begin at Battelle Hall in the Convention Center.

Dennis Moriarty, 614-657-2640

Ron O’Brien


2017 St. Patrick’s Day Parade Route


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